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Mp3 Sound Recorder Software

Aare MP3 Sound Recorder directly record any sound to wav or mp3 file without an intermediate wav file and sound quality remains excellent. It is is a powerful MP3 sound recording software. It records just any sound from any source available to your sound card. The resulting files can be saved in WAV-file and MP3-file format. This Mp3 Recorder is able to record on-the-fly, that is, the recording result can be saved directly as mp3 file without an intermediate wav file. Sound quality of the recordings remains excellent. Click BuyNow page to see our Sale 50% package.

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  Aare MP3 Sound Recorder Features

Aare MP3 Sound Recorder can record any sound available to your sound card into Mp3 or Wav files.


Aare MP3 Sound Recorder can record sound to MP3 file on-the-fly. It means Aare MP3 Sound Recorder can directly convert the WAV-format file into Mp3-format file with real time and best quality.


Aare MP3 Sound Recorder will automatically detect the recording formats and source supported by your sound card and then set the appropriate one. But you can also change recording formats and source easily to best suit your needs. With its powerful sound recording engine, Recorder can produce recordings with CD quality.


The registered version Aare MP3 Sound Recorder can record as long as you wish, the length is just limited by the hard disk space.


The Resulting File list view box lets you manage your recording easily.


Aare MP3 Sound Recorder integrates the complete set of record volume control for your convenience.


Easy-to-use user-friendly and cool interface.


Recording playback.


Registered users receive free upgrades and support for life.

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